MISSION STATEMENT: A deck is an area, when well maintained and furnished, will attract parties, get togethers, or just a relaxing day or night outside. Having a finshed deck will add both beauty and value to your home, while also giving you the comfort of having an outdoor get away. KB Painting is your go to company if you are looking for this home improvement. As usual, our prep process will not be undermined. Whether your deck is cedar, pine, pressure treated wood, new, old, or weathered, we have the knowledge and tools to make your deck look not only aestetically pleasing, but allow it to last for years rather than just a season.


PROCESS: Decks are often looked at as a quick weekend job by either a homeowner or a contractor and there is often not much thought put into it. Year in and year out homeowners question as to why their deck only lasted a year, after spending a fortune on having it stained the prior season. KB Painting looks at deck staining as a job that should not be a yearly project, but instead an investment that gives the home a great aestetic appeal, easy maintenance, and longevity. Every deck has an existing condition, and ignoring what was done in the past is a common mistake made by both homeowners and painting contractors. Similar to our interior and exterior painting process, prep steps are not undermined, whether our client's deck is new or previously stained. Identifying the type of wood and/ or existing condition, understanding the target finish, followed by a thorough cleaning and detailed prep prior to staining are the steps we take to complete a successful deck refurbish. Below are some further details of our process from cleaning, prepping, and finally staining.


BENEFITS: KB Painting believes that a quality job can only be as good as the products used. Our attention to detail mentality and experienced crew combined with the use of premium quality Benjamin Moore's Arborcoat exterior stain allows us to take a great job to the next level. Using products that allow excellent aesthetic appeal, great durability, and easy/low cost maintenance in years to follow further adds to our repertoire. Our knowledge of when and where to use particular colors, products, finishes, and a two to three year warranty on all projects allows our company to be a one stop shop for the the typical homeowners deck staining investments.




Cleaning a deck correctly may seem like a simple task, but using the wrong cleaning solutions, or the wrong pressure tip on your powerwasher will leave your deck looking dismal and completely unprofessional. Depending on the type of wood, all decks will be powerwashed while using a wood cleaning solutuion that does not dye the wood nor cause any harm to the environment. Cleaning is a crucial part to deck staining and maintenance, and is often skipped by homeowners and contractors. Cleaning the deck will not only remove the dirt, filth, and grease that has accumulated throughout the year, but will also clean and open the pores on the wood itself. Deck cleaning is the first and most crucial part of deck staining and if not done correctly you can anticipate immediate deck failure. However, cleaning the wood is only the first step when staining a deck correctly.



KB Painting does not and will not cut corners. Sanding is the only way to open wood pores allowing your stain to penetrate fully, and should be considered the most important part when staining a deck. Of course skipping the sanding process will cut down on cost and time, but you can bet that you will be doing the same process the following year, wasting money on both material and labor. Our attitude about decks is simple, do it correctly the first time. Sanding the wood not only removes splinters, dead and weathered wood, creates and even flooring surface, but opens and smooths the wood pores after a thorough pressure washing. Many contractors will pressure wash a deck to the bone, skip the sanding portion, and wonder why their work looks spotty and lasts only one season. If you're looking for long lasting results sanding is a necessary step and cannot be skipped.



Staining a deck should be the easiest step when refinishing your  deck. However, incorrect application will take your freshly prepped deck and turn it into a nightmare. Stain must be applied correctly, and when applied incorrectly it can leave your deck looking spotty and unable to be ignored. KB Painting pushes using the Benjamin Moore Arborcoat Stains because of their qaulity, but more so for their low maintenance and continuous aesthetic appeal. Depending on the wood, previous finish, and target new finish the Arborcoat line will leave your deck looking great with minimal maintenance in years following for all stains. Arborcoat's transparent and semi-transparent stain require a clear coat which is made to break down throughout the year rather than the stain itself.


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