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One part epoxies are great for areas where there is standard egress and foot traffic. This productis not recomended for surfaces where there will be heavy foot traffic, machinary parking, or a full working garage. This product can be coated on most if not all surfaces, and does not require the exiting surface to be in immaculate condition. This product comes in all colors made for interior/exterior paint colors.


Garage Guard is your ideal floor proctective coating. The product has proven durabilty and longetivily, offering its customers not only an estetic appeal, but a hard protective surface. This product is ideal for high foot traffic, parking machinary, car parking, and minor working garages.This porduct comes in select colors, and has the option of flakes as well. Floor conditions should be a close to perfect as possible for the best results, however it can be applies to pre-coated (latex) flooring.


V8 Flooring systems are a premium grade floor epoxy that offers the utmost in protection, and greatly exceeds other floor epoxies in both durabilty and estetic appearance. This product is recomended for all types of foot traffic, all working garages, mancaves, car parking, interior and exterior show rooms, commerical and industrial working spaces, and more. This is a premium grade product requireing the floor to be in excellent condition prior to application. The product is a multiple coat system, including protective coats, but is a one day install with low VOC's. V8 systems also are available in a  range of colors, and offers natural micro/macro mineral chips as an additive.

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