Semi-solid latex stain is a hybrid stain that is between the opacities of semi- tranparent and solid stain. This stain is very versatile and forgiving on decks where their wood condition has been significantly weathered, and or has been stained previously multiple times. This stain is available in over 70 colors, giving a larger selection, and will expose a little amount of wood grain, less the semi- transparent version, but more than the solid. Decks receiving this type of stain do not require the wood grain to be clear and open as when using a transparent and semi-transparent stain. If the deck was stained with a solid stain, for example, and the owner wished to go to the semi- transparent stain sanding, and or stripping will be needed to acheive the required wood clarity. Semi- solid stains are used on weathered and old decks where new or "good" wood condition can not be achieved even with heavy prep. Sanding is recommended, but is not necessary.

Benajmin Moore's Arbocoat semi- solid stain is a one step process requiring a one stain coat in which the stain acts as both coloring and protection. The Arborcoat semi- solid stains purpose is to allow your deck to show off some wood grain on even on an older weathered  deck. This stain is forgiving on blotchy, spotty, and older wood, but offers very good protection because of it opactity.  We push for this product on decks in "good" to "ok" condition where both protection and visable wood grain are desired.



** This product is also avaible in an alkyd version which has the same colors as the latex version, but in a richer and deeper tones.


**Cedar and redwood decks are prone to tannin bleed due to the nature of the wood and may require additional prep.


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