Solid latex stain has an identical look to paint, but soild stain, like other stains soaks into the wood allowing foot traffic. This stain is highly versatile and forgiving on decks where their wood condition has been heavily weathered, and or has been stained previously multiple times. This stain is available in all paint color and selected stain colors, and will expose zero wood grain. Decks receiving this type of stain do not require the wood grain to be clear as when using a transparent and semi-transparent stain. This stain is applicable on all type of previous stain finishes, latex or alkyd. Solid stains are used on weathered and old decks where the wood condition can vary from "new" or "poor". Sanding is recommended, but is not necessary.

Benjamin Moore's Arborcoat solid stain is a single coat to multiple coat system, in which additional coats increase the stain's durability. The stain acts as both the color and the protection for the wood. The Arborcoat solid stain's purpose is to allow your deck to have the best protection while keeping everything symmetric and even. This stain is forgiving on blotchy, spotty, older wood, and hides most if not all imperfections, but offers the best protection because of it's opacity and multiple coat option. We push for this product on decks in "new" to "poor" condition where both protection and zero visable wood grain are desired. Decks that have received little to no maintenance, and have not been stained in many years often work best with this product. This solid stain is also self priming on pine wood.



** We recommend using an alkyd primer (1 coat) when using solid stain to create a permanent seal, and stronger adhesion to wood to stain.


**Cedar and redwood decks are prone to tannin bleed due to the nature of the wood and may require additional prep, and require alkyd prime coat.


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