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MISSION STATEMENT: Quality work, knowledge in prep process and product selection, and most importantly honesty are all crucial components when referring to exterior painting. Exterior painting, like interior painting, can range from simply slapping some paint on a house to a thorough cleaning, removing old substrates, and priming prior to painting. KB Painting does not plan on getting in and out as fast as possible, but instead complete all of the agreed upon work to the best of our abilities, while building customer relationships. Consistency, efficiency, and keen eye for detail are what allows us to continuously trransform our customers homes, and exceed their expectations. If you are a homeowner who understands the difference between a quick paint job and professional painting, and requires an honest and supportive staff, KB Painting will meet and surpass these requirements.


PROCESS: The purpose of a homes exterior is to provide an esthetic appearance complementing the homes architectural design to color scheme, while posessing the longevity to withstand years of harsh weather conditions and changing temperatures. When painting the exterior of your home, understanding the homes substrate and existing condition is the most crucial step, and is often forgotten by both the homeowner and painting contractor. Ignoring this step will guarantee premature paint failure on the home, and will promote further failure in other areas. Not all exterior painting is the same and using the wrong type of product or process can lead to serious problems down the road or immediate failure, and big bucks to fix and address properly .KB Painting understands how to correctly address a home, whether existing or new,  by using the correct tools, order of operations, and products to make your house not only look great aesthetically, but give it the toughness and durability needed to last year after year. Our exterior painting process from set up to clean up is 100% customer conscious, allowing homeowners to have full use of the exterior, and not have to worry about the place looking a mess for weeks on end. Our goal, along with providing premium service, is to leave your home looking exactly the way it did when we first arrived. Covering existing vegetation to making sure there are no paint chips on the ground is the type of thorough service you can expect from KB Painting. We believe completing the job in full leaving nothing for our customers to handle including putting items back in their correct locations, garbage removal, and setting gutter systems back up. Customer satisfaction and returning clients is what keeps us in business and going above and beyond is how we achieve it. More about our paint process can be found in the steps below.


BENEFITS: KB Painting believes that a quality job can be only as good as the products used. Our attention to detail mentality, approachable crew, and use of premium quality Benjamin Moore exterior paints allows us to take a great job to the next level by adding value, durability, and longevity to the exterior. We believe if you are going to put the needed prep into your home, using a premium product that has proven to be successful should go along with it, and Benjamin Moore is the product of choice. Our knowledge of when and where to use particular colors, products, finishes, and a two to three year warranty on all projects allows our company to be a one stop shop for the typical homeowners painting investments.





Painting contractors often think because they are outside cleanliness and proper set up is not necessary because mistakes are not as visable. This assumption is completely unacceptable, and KB Painting assures all vegitation, decks, driveways, walkways, lighting, railings, etc. are covered correctly prior to painting. 

Saftey to our crew and to our client's property is something that will never be an issue because risks are never taken. KB Painting will not let any unsafe working conditions take place ever, and ensure this by using the correct equipment, having emplyees who know how to use the equipment, and following OSHA guidlines regarding Fall Protection in Residential Construction.



Cleaning the exterior properly is the most important part to painting an exterior. This step is often missed or not done sufficiently by homeowners and contractors, and will certainly lead to premature paint failure. Using the correct pressure, cleaning solutions, and scrubbing methods, KB Painting will make sure the substrate is completely clean of dirt, mold, mildew, debris, grease, and filth prior to our prep stage. Once the home has been thoroughly cleaned and dried for the needed time, we can begin the detailed prep process. You can be assured that all peeling/failing paint is removed correctly, without damaging the substrate underneath. Rotted and weathered wood will always be addressed, whether replacement, sanding, or filling is required. Caulking and filling all trim, draft opening, soffits, and cracked materials is standard for any job whether a shed or an entire exterior.


Homeowners are quick to blame the paint for when there is failure, but paint problems generally stem from an incorrect prep process. Paint can only last as long as the prep put into it. Once a home has been prepped correctly paint can adhere to the surface, allowing the homeowner to get the most out of their product. Our customers can expect quality products from caulk and primer to paint, tight lines, and complete coverage. Whether the surface is to be sprayed or painted traditionally KB Painting has the tools, staff, and knowledge to complete the job not only correctly, but efficiently and consistently throughout. Benjamin Moore's Genex products offer self-priming capabilities, and low VOC's making painting safe for the environment, and more importantly you and your family. Knowing when to use a particular product, color, or finish gives us the edge when taking a good paint job to a great paint job.

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