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Contractor grade products are ideal for new construction, selling a home, reducing material costs while maintaing quality, commerical spaces, rentals, etc. Life Exspectancy: 3-5 years


AVAILABLE FINISHES: Flat, Low Lustor, Semi-gloss

AVAILABLE COLORS: All Benjamin Moore Colors excluding csp's and affinity collections


Premium grade products are ideal for homeowners or higher end commerical estates where quality material is just as important as quality labor. This grade of paint allows for easy touch up, provides excellent durablity, washability, coverage, and includes self priming and low Voc's capabilities. Life Exspectancy: 5-10+ years


AVAILABLE FINISHES: Flat, Low Lustor, Semi-Gloss

AVAILABLE COLORS: All Benjamin Moore Colors excluding csp's collections, all competitors matches


This grade of product has many benfits when it come to painting in general, and often saves you money in both the long run and during application. This product offers benifits such has 2 coats or less for all colors, including hard to cover spectrums like red and yellow. The self priming cabilbilties allow for this grade to cover completly in two coats on all exterior substrates. This product has all of the benifits as the premium grade exterior paint, including low Voc's , but with stronger capabilties for each. Life Exspectancy: 10 years +


AVAILABLE FINISHES: Matte, Bath and Spa Matte, Eggshell, Satin, Semi-Gloss, Gloss

AVAILABLE COLORS: All Benjamin Moore Colors and competitors matches


For older homes where paint failure is evident in most areas, remideation is often an exspensive route, and connot be afforded by a typical homeowner. Using advanced exterior priming products by insulx allows us to cut on labor greatly. This product not only acts as a bonding selaer on peeling  paint or wooded areas, but also fills and flushes voids cutting down on sanding, filling, and general replacement.APPLICATION: Spray, Brush

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